This seminar serves as a platform to explore the various means and aspects of enhancing the thinking skills of educators and students. Besides, participation in this seminar offers opportunities for them to make thinking a culture which is in accordance with the principles of 21st century education. This seminar offers an avenue for the application of thinking culture in every aspect of life especially in the current education world. As a matter of fact, an education effort is significant in developing the thinking culture of the society and educators so that the aspiration of the nation with regard to education could be fulfilled. Concurrently, issues and challenges related to diversification can be addressed practically in the context of thinking culture in order to meet the demands of the education system and the Malaysian society that is characterized by creative and innovative human capital.



NCTC 2017 addresses thinking culture and its importance in education, focusing on:

  • presenting, discussing, and sharing research findings as well as practical summaries related to the integration of thinking skills in pedagogical practices.
  • exchanging ideas and opinions to strengthen methods of teaching and learning which are suitable for thinking culture in education.
  • discussing global issues of concern in relation to thinking culture in education.
  • enhancing networking and initiating collaboration among academics, scholars, experts, researchers, educators, as well as ¬†entrepreneurs.